#About BOBBI BOSS®Live on Stage
# is an initiative of the BOBBI BOSS® Brand – one of the world’s largest and most renowned providers of high-quality & fashionable wigs, extensions, and hair pieces to provide talented and dedicated stylists from across the country a national platform on which they can showcase their brilliance in style and beauty. First launched in 2012 at the Summer Bronner Brother’s Show in Atlanta, GA, BOBBI BOSS® LIVE ON STAGE has continued to expand its reach out to the local and national communities since then, show after show, year after year.

Following its inception, BOBBI BOSS® LIVE ON STAGE has invited to the main stage gifted stylists from all over the U.S., not only to compete, but more importantly to network with, to learn from, and to teach each other so that they can broaden their perspective. In doing so, the BOBBI BOSS® LIVE ON STAGE platform has created countless memories – electrifying excitement, tears of joy, the thrill of the spotlight, new friendships, and much more.

Adding to the excitement and the one of a kind experience of the program, numerous recording artists, media personalities, celebrities, and celebrity stylists have graced the main stage of BOBBI BOSS® LIVE ON STAGE to join BOBBI BOSS’s cause to empower stylists in their respective communities and to help them flourish in their careers.

And, for providing the BOBBI BOSS® LIVE ON STAGE Outreach Program to the stylist community, BOBBI BOSS has received public recognition and commendations from both the Atlanta City Council and the Maryland General Assembly for its innovative and pro-community efforts.

Through the BOBBI BOSS® LIVE ON STAGE platform, BOBBI BOSS has distributed generous sums in cash and prizes already to the community, as well as encouraging current stylists and aspiring stylists-to-be to expand their horizons and reach higher grounds. BOBBI BOSS takes joy in having touched the lives of stylists on and off the main stage and will continue its dedication to the betterment of the community whether it be through BOBBI BOSS® LIVE ON STAGE or by continuing to provide only the most fashionable, reliable, and exceptional quality hair products to our communities.

Get ready to experience the Power of the BOSS!

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